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Presumably, he lost his hand in one of the antique planes behind him.

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If I ever end up on the news, I want this to be the photo they use to ID me.
FYI, Marcia Brady pronounces “werewolf” weird.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
I’m not saying you missed out, but by virtue of not seeing this canine trinity this morning, you really missed out.
New video. The unreasonably scary sequence from the Disney Channel mainstay Dot and the Kangaroo + the swamp music from Donkey Kong Country 2. Part of a larger project. Full clip linked in bio.
Hello. This is what the L.A River looks like today.
Latergram from when El Matador got avant garden last Sunday.
It's taken a long time to get my grandparents' old credenza-style record player working, but today it spun for the first time. I am a record person now. (The eight-track is still out of commission, BTW.)
This is the sequel to Golden Axe we deserved.
New art project. It's a supercut/remix of a 70s anime about witchcraft and animated boobs. Full video linked in bio.
This ride is shamelessly late-90s, and it is beautiful
"Hi. My name is Drew. I have a mustache and a dog." (Photo by the very talented @jarelion.)