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A pic I took as we walked home from dinner tonight. We went to Paninos.

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My chalk art in Marietta this last weekend was a collaborative effort. I recreated the famous DaVinci painting and @chriscarlsonart sabotaged it with 3D aliens.
Chalk arting in Marietta Georgia. This piece will be different.
It’s really nice having my mom in town because I’ve been so lonely in Seattle. We visited the Chihuli museum today and it was magical. Tomorrow we’re getting massages in Soqualmie Falls.
Today we rode the foot ferry to downtown, walked to the space needle, then rode @limebike back to West Seattle and ate lunch at TacoTime. This is the outside of the Museum of Pop Culture, which I hope to go inside of some day too.
This girl- @roxanne_haverland - my daughter, my muse, my inspiration and my pride. This week she started 8th grade in a new state. Today she turned 14 and we chalked side my side in downtown Seattle. I actually can't describe how much I love her. This piece titled "Back to School Angst". My next post will show her amazing artwork (yes, she had to work on her birthday; what a trooper).
So the kids got their own rooms situated enough to be able to comfortably isolate themselves from the rest of the family. Now on to the next most important task, like setting up cable.... and teaching the dogs to poop outside... If moving doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger (or traumatizes you for life, but same thing, ya know).
Cheryl Renshaw was on sight with my chalk art during the eclipse and sent me this photo of all the crescanty shadows caused by the "pinholes" in the trees.
Seattle's first international chalk festival was amazing. I'm so excited I could be a part of it. Today was the best day I've ever had in Washington by far.
#pnwchalkfest #chalkart #chalkartfestival #chalkartist
How long do you have to live in Seattle before you stop screaming "I see the Space Needle!" every time you see the space needle?
#spaceneedle #dirtywindshield #passenger
I recreated "The Grouper" on a brick panel in chalk at the @blick_seattle store yesterday. It was fun to get acquainted with the people in that part of Seattle.
Rocket absolutely hated this place. I don't know why!! 😂
My favorite thing to do at the beach is build a fort out of the drift wood.
Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. -Voltaire
I have to instagram this before someone else in the family does.