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  Posted: Jun 8, 2012 1:26 AM FEED
7 Hefe

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Ain’t no shame in being at my first WMB as a junior.
Kudos to an awesome event helping the food bank
Like when you spot me in the 17 person dog pile👩‍👩‍👧‍👧. 16 campers and dangling from ropes all summer never felt so good. Thanks for all the smiles and life lessons.... Now watch your eyes, full house!!!
I have 16 campers... and they all rock. Happy late 4th!
Also thankful for this Dad of mine teaching me to dance
The sweet Catherine and Peter said I do for life, and I could not be smiling more! Glad this lifelong friend and I got to experience such a blessing
🌞Who knew after you left me at SJA I'd have to deal with you leaving again? Ily #sigmachicatalinawinemixer
Featured is the phit pham in descending order... welcome to our craziness, leetle one #MYLILISTHEBEST #IMOBSESSED #prayforlo'spit #kyliehere
¿¿¿We went for a walk and people kept throwing beads at us???
Spring Hill College!!! My goodness I am so humbled by all the support we received today. I'm honestly in awe. If you missed the memo, I am running for SGA President with @joellelorenzo as VP! We're stoked for these next few days to hear from you and show all of the ways we will work for the #LoveoftheHill.
PS.. Highly recommend following our instagram @seiterlorenzo and facebook page to keep up with things. Y'all rock. #ONEhill
Shoutout to this Social Chair on her first party #bonnamu 🎊
A Φ & I. (A phi and I)
Glad to call this sweet girl a sista. 😁💗
She ran back hΦΜe to the jungle all the way from Italy!!! Happy Bid day
Hope you have better luck in Disney next semester than we did on the ice today👯
I wouldn't want to wake up at 5:30am every Wednesday for anyone else. These are easily the coolest 10th grade girls I know; thanks for making me feel so loved. Merry Christmas!! @rachel_whorton