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Two weeks out of town makes a girl go wild. Cleaning up my act

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On October 13, 2013 two newly weds stepped off a plane on to this beautiful island. Sold all our possessions, had an earnest savings account (that ran dry quickly), support from friends to start a business, and a dream to move back to Hawai'i. Four years later we have gone through four different housing rentals (coming up on five soon), ran a successful business for our community, learned what true communication in marriage is really like. They say Maui can eat you up and spit you out alive or she will embrace you. The journey to live here is not an easy one. I wish we could say that everyday feels like a vacation, it doesn't. But there is something about this island that makes you fight to stay. Our dream to one day own a slice of paradise will eventually come true but today we don't need to own anything but this opportunity to just live here. Four years ago when we stepped off the plane we came to this exact spot. We both cried because it felt right. Today I wait for my husband as he heads over from work to sit in the same exact spot where our hopes and day dreams started. Thank you Maui for reminding us that dreams aren't easy but they are worth it. Cheers to our 4 year Mauiversary! #anniversary #luckywelivemaui #vueve
Calling all Maui friends and family.
BT and I are working to make grown up decisions. We've decided to take the leap and enter in to home ownership. As we step in to the first phases I have found myself in a stage of excitement and WTF. The price you pay to live in paradise is REAL! I can't be upset at the costs of the most desirable island on earth but DAYUM! She's a pretty penny. I've always known this. I'm reminded of this every month when we write our rent check. So, Maui peeps...BT and I have heard from friends that this can be a "patient" process. We are looking to downsize our current rental and pay way less than we are now for the next few months. If you have any leads to a month-to-month rental for no more than $1500/mo please hit us up. It can be a studio, apartment, furnished, or not furnished. If you are someone that is going off island and need a house sitter for a few months...Hey! we're your people! Please DM me to share any good tips, advice, funny stories, emotions to expect when it comes to buying a slice of paradise. I would love to learn from all of you!
Thank you to our commUNITY for looking out for us. #rental #buy #sliceofparadise
Awwww sh*t! My right hand woman. She slays all day, y'all! Who run this mutha? And by mutha I mean who runs the barre show on this island? Answer: @da808dreamteam @purebarremaui #BowDown #MyTeam #MyGirl #pureempower #truth @qthazeleyes
Relying on my main jam to help me demonstrate "the tuck" in our Bring on the men class at @purebarremaui. TUCK with a T! 😉🙃 Shout out to @mauibricks for always being a good sport. #havingfun #HeLovesIt #purebarrehusband
Sometimes I wish God would just scream all the answers to my questions. But it's in the present moment like this one that He whispers "this is why you're here". It's a powerful thing when women who were once strangers become acquaintances, build upon relationship and recognize each other as friend. My "job" gives me this every single day. Sometimes I forget. Tonight I was reminded that this place is my friend and these women are my people. @purebarremaui #celebrate #love #appreciate #thankyou #hugs #250tuckclub
Cashed in my @hawaiianairlines miles for this event 🙌🏽 Freaking out! #RealRnB #Yas
Ain't nobody got time for this! 😭 #gaiaherbs
I have always tried to capture the most epic video of our view. I could never do it justice. Enter @danicote ... by far the best capture from our place in Wailuku Heights. You have to turn on and turn up the volume. ☀️🦁 #luckywelivehawaii #luckywelivewailukuheights #maui #sunrise
Who did you take class with today? Grabbed a few of my friends and my obscene pineapple to take a 7am (4am HI time) outdoor class with Pure Barre's founder and creator @carriedorr #ISurvived #purebarreohana #purebarre @purebarremaui
It's a beautiful sunny day with amazing temperatures of 108. Dude! What the *#%! Phoenix? You're taking it to a whole 'nother level. #yikes
When the back is smaller than the front. To all the ladies who keep it cheeky 🙌🏽 #mahaloprint #acacia #purebarreledge #bikinilife
Sugar cookies dipped in chocolate with an extra order of sprinkles at no charge. Fancy'ing up my cookie game.#cookiemonster #bettycrocker #suzyhomemaker
Sometimes Team meetings are for "getting down to business" but other times it's also for vulnerability and crying...on the boss' part. 2.5 years in and I still need someone to tell me "You deserve some time off". I refer to them as my team but they are much more than that. They're my small gang of sisters that are always, always! picking me up and lifting me up. They absolutely get me. I really love them. @da808dreamteam #getaway #support #purebarreohana
Y'all, my cookie has something to say... I love my new cookie cutter. New business: one liner wisdom cookies. I'm on to something.
Tacos in bed at 7 in the morning. With all the sour cream. That's how we roll 🙌🏽🌮 #HappySaturday #TacoSaturday #hardshell @mauibricks