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Best roses ever?! I bought this bouquet 10 days ago and this photo was taken just now. Look how great they still are! 🌹 #amazing
Doing my weekly hair mask while watching #AmericanNinjaWarrior (Kacy Catanzaro is a warrior godess 😍). I love using these products from @theinnatelife, my hair feels soooooo good afterwards! Just massage the treatment into your scalp and add the herbal mask to the lengths of your hair (focusing on the ends), then let all that goodness soak in during the night and wash out in the morning. The product that I love the most though is their Rose Hair Elixir, which I put in the ends of my hair after showering and whenever they feel dry the following days.

#theinnatelife #herbalhairmask #scalptreatment #rosehairelixir #longhairjourney #haircare #naturalhaircare #healthyhair
The best thing to come home to after a long day at work is new books 💕
I got my new calendar today and it's so pretty 😍 it's from @personligalmanacka and I'm so pleased with how everything turned out, especially the cover I designed 💕
the only thing I wasn't happy with was the extra plastic sleeve I bought, but that was my mistake for picking the A4 size instead of A5... #personalplanner #sudoku #colouringbook (the first picture is from #personligalmanacka)
När man är ute på jobbet och det haglar, åskar och blixtrar 👎 barnen tyckte inte det va så kul... ⛈
Finally got to see #BeautyAndTheBeast today, and it was perfect ❤ I laughed and I cried and I want to watch it again about a million times or so.
No point going home when I have to be back at work in 50 minutes. Good thing I brought a book 📚
Look who we got a visit from at work today 🔥 The kids loved it, they had so much fun.