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Movie night with my bro!! 🎥 #screeningpass #thatsmyboy #adamsandler #andysamberg

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First Chicken Dinner! I’ve had this game for a little over a week and I suck at it. I only got one kill and the last guy died outside of the playzone, but a win is a win!
So tonight something super spontaneous happened, I performed in a cover band for a Battle of the Bands! I overheard someone ask another person if he played or knew someone that played bass and I just stepped up. Had less than an hour to learn 3 songs but they were kinda simple and I had a lot of support. Played Zero by The Smashing Pumpkins, Times Like These by Foo Fighters, and Machinehead by Bush. First time ever playing in front of more than 3 people and I only messed up 108 times! 📷: @blckgoose
It may not look like much, but I'm so excited with how this project is coming out! This is my first step into woodworking on my own so this is huge for me. Many thanks go out to @makesomethingtv and @iliketomakestuff for giving me the confidence and ideas in their videos. More to come!
First game of the season is a little late this year..
Happy 4th of July everyone! 🇺🇸💥🇺🇸
The Emperor just kept saying good over and over while looking at the profit margins that I brought to show him.
Business Boba isn't happy that someone parked in his reserved spot. He'll find them..
Another night, another piece of the puzzle complete! Weathered the blaster tonight and I love how it turned out!
Took a few months off but this weekend I was able to lay down the main colors on my Boba Fett helmet! Needs some touch ups and details so I should have it completed this week hopefully. Blaster is also almost done!
My latest project I just finished: Ring made from a hex nut. Pumped on how it came out and every project is teaching me more!
Finally got to hang out for the first time this year and made a double decker!
Just working away on a surprise gift!
Been a rough start getting back into it after my surgery, but I'm getting there! So happy to be back!
After hours, and hours, of grinding away, I finally got the tensioner pulley bearing to fit on my pinky. Wanted to make it fit on my ring finger but there wasn't enough material left. Lastly I blued the metal to give it a darker color. Probably won't do this again...