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The face you make when its that time on a Sunday, the weekends flown by and you're due another long week in work #SOUND
Another drunken night in the capital for @kaynegreenslade birthday celebrations last night🍻. Happy birthday brother❤ #Drinkingoutofbeantins #MansNotHot
When you accept the stick you're gonna get for the tragic selfie you upload #somuchguilt #ihaveatattoo
Another full day in the bag😬💉🤙🏾. Got that love/hate relationship with the needle, love the end result, hate the sittings. #inked
The best bank holiday with my best mates #myniggas #onelove 👌❤
daavida 10w ago
The first one in the family to graduate...lets hope I follow suit🙄😂. Congrats big sis, quitting your job and going to uni for 4 years payed off, officially a primary school teacher🙌👏...and yes, my dad is actually Don King. #mylilmixedracefamily 🖐🖐🏾🖐🏿🇧🇧
daavida 18w ago
Saturdays are for the boys (and food)
daavida 19w ago
Heartbreaking thinking about all these innocent people who's lives have been taken. People who should be at home on this Sunday, moaning about it being Monday in the morning and having to go to school/work. Why can't we all just fucking love one another and live in peace. #RIP #OneLoveManchester #LiveForever
daavida 20w ago
As bank holiday weekends go, this one was right up there👏. #Bournemouth7s
daavida 24w ago
If you want an iconic album look no further. #ManLikeBob
daavida 25w ago
Can't get enough🤘🎵🎙
daavida 30w ago
daavida 32w ago
Literally don't think I can wait much longer for this absolute badman to return to my screen😩. Season 4 where you at🔫
daavida 33w ago
7 long old hours😩😩😩. Sleeve adventure begins 💉 #norsemythology #sleipnir