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Traveling little man. Bye #qld, you've been fun yet warm
I am so jelly of Hugo's hair!
Congratulations Andy and Cathy on a lovely fun wedding yesterday - was an honour to be invited. The MCing by @aikidogod wasn't half bad too..
So early and so so little! Baby Hugo has graduated to baby clothes and has a pretty good Alan Rickman Sneer(tm) when nature calls.
An important message from the daily commute.
Beautiful approach into #sydney today, perfect weather and a lovely flight path.
Among my many tasks in the new gig today I had to monitor my boss' prints of pink unicorns for his daughters #conflicted #3dprinting
spiffeah 100w ago
A surprising send off from #NewYork as a beautiful #hawk fells a poor #pigeon and lands in the streets of the #meatpackersdistrict. #nyc #birdsofprey