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I took shockingly few photos in Seattle, so here's another of @mopopseattle
Last night, #hurricanemaria's eye passed over the island of #Dominica (Dom-eh-NEE-kah). @samhorine and I traveled to the @nature_island in 2014, where we explored, hiked, swam in a champagne reef and in a gorge, had the best coconut shrimp of our lives (post hike), went whale watching, drank rum, climbed cliffs to reach waterfalls that fell onto black sand beaches, enjoyed bonfires, launched paper lanterns, got stung by jellyfish and made a ton of new friends (tagged here). I'm deeply concerned for the people of Dominica, each one kind and giving. I hope all the friends we made (and their families and their friends and so on) are safe - until communications are back up, please spend a second to learn a little about this beautiful place.
Fields, incoming storms, indeterminate rows and tiny bit of blue
Been looking back at all of my National Parks photos this week to submit my best to #shareyourexperience. Cross your fingers for me! Here's one from @deathvalleynps, a favorite park of mine.
Lower Manhattan from thousands of feet up. I 100% creep on strangers in planes for photos.
We are living in an insanely historic time. Failing and ailing communities and cities and a leader who couldn't lead us through a dark hallway. We have actual Nazis in the spotlight and good people dying senselessly. My heart is worn thin.
Sunset in South Dakota. Though the full sunset was usurped by clouds, @badlandsnps was still beautiful in these pre-twilight moments
I've seen a lot of photos of the sun and moon during the totality of #eclipse2017, but here's a look at the odd lighting right before the world on our little road in Wyoming went completely dark.