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teahoshi 279w ago
A friend found me a Jackson Jekyll! Thanks again Mike!

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Life is like a cup of tea, to be filled to the brim and enjoyed with friends 🍵✨
Life is the bubbles under the sea 🐚✨
Mientras más se vive, más se ve 🇲🇽✨
Honestly obsessed! She's just so beautifully designed 😍💖✨
Friends that plant together shine together 💐✨
✨Green leads to hope✨ There's a whole world of new possibilities and even an exciting adventure behind that green door, but our fears and doubts hold us back from turning the door knob. I get it, it's scary stuff. Maybe you've been hard on yourself lately and you feel like you do not deserve what's on the other side, but picture it, Sicily 1922....actually I'll save that story for another time 😉. Today is the day, it's time to stop staring at that green door and just open it. Green does mean go after all. Remember Love thyself because you are UH-MAZING and enjoy your adventure, wherever it may lead you. You deserve everything good life has to offer and so much more! Hope is on your side 🙌🏻💖✨
I do a lot of readings behind the scenes and I usually keep them to myself, but I felt like sharing this one because now a days in these "dark times" as I call it, It's hard to love yourself. We're constantly holding ourselves back from so much awesomeness because of our fears, society, people, whatever. If you're reading this and you vibe with it, please know that you are amazing just the way you are and don't let anything dull that spark of light. Do you and screw the haters!
Loving Sarah in this outfit 😍❤️
✨Call Me Darling✨ Meet the new girl! She came sometime ago and I love her! She has so much hair that it took me forever to comb out lol
✨Bokeh Beauty✨ Made this lovely outfit a few months ago, but never got around to photographing it. I have a few more in the works, but this one is my fav from the bunch! 💜