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  Posted: Jun 6, 2012 10:28 PM FEED
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Kylie wants a tummy rub. Can't resist that look.

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🌊☀️ A true friend has seen you at your worst yet still believes in your best and calls it forth again and again. Melissa is such a friend. Also, she lives in Hawaii, so that's really nice too. 👍🏼
I wonder if these cows have any idea that they're surrounded by thousands of miles of oceans.
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I complain about my job a lot. Maybe not on social media but to my roommates and friends. I get so tired and I forgot to stop and be grateful for how blessed I am. To look for those interactions that give me life. To pause and look out the window and be amazed.
Taking a breather to go to my Hawaii home for a few days. To pause and rest and adventure and reteach myself to revel in everyday joys.
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Kelley. Beautiful friend, honest, vulnerable, deep, patient. What a spectacular world to explore and what an honor to get to live with such amazing people to explore with.
Posted: Sep 21, 2017 9:51 PM
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I've been pretty quiet on social media because I just haven't known how to put everything into words. I have way better pictures of this man doing epic things but these ones are the ones are the ones I still have handy on my phone.

When I asked my grandpa if he was afraid of dying, he simply replied "Oh not at all! Everyone does it, so it must not be too bad." I think part of me thought of him as this timeless human that would somehow live forever, or at least to a hundred. He passed away on his sleep last Wednesday at 93.
I never knew my grandpa well growing up. I have memories of him teaching me how to pick up large crabs and bugs the "safe way", and I knew a lot about him, from all his crazy stories of war and shark attacks and travels, but never spent much time with him on a personal level until last year, when I moved in with him and my grandma to help look after him and as his Alzheimer's progressed.
Although many days were quite hard, as the Alzheimer's stole much of our sleep, there was such a joy in the midst of it. I got to know him and spend so many good days with him. Even as Alzheimer's took away parts of his brain, his sense of humor, love of adventure, and uncanny ability to have a good time no matter what made it such a joy.

I'm so grateful for the way he lived his life, risking his own without a second thought to save others, for his smile, for him teaching my mom how to be a tough and independent girl instead of expecting her to be weak, which in turn she passed on to me and my sister. I'll miss eating breakfast with him every morning, and although I'm glad his pain is gone, I'll miss him being with us.
Some places you know you'll love before you even meet them, and think of them after longer then you were ever there. Alaska, lets meet again soon.
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The kind of guy who after the longest work week for both of us, picks me up to go on a mini road trip and always gets me boxed waters because he cares that I'm hydrated after flying but also that I worry about plastics impact on the ocean. He's just the best.
🌆Days of flying through here to everywhere else, glad to finally fly here to home!
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