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Omg cant see and my wipers are on!
  • Be careful! We both shouldn't be Instagramming 😁lol

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#Repost @the.officials.crew
Want to get spooked 👻 You have ✌️opportunities for #TheOfficials to haunt your evening on October 28th 🎃 We will see you there...if you DARE! #ImOfficial #BeOfficial #nsdpac
Happy birthday to one of the greatest humans I know! Hope you had the best birthday wish I could have been there to celebrate with you. Love you so Much! #sisters @millertime92
Love this and so true — so reposting! Focus on those that are a positive light in your life and surround yourself with those who make you happy 🙂. Always be yourself, because that’s the best form of you—your true self!!!
Love my jenners! Thank you for the best birthday (belated) present ever!!! #bretteldredge #lukebryan #grangersmith #dallas #country @jennuinelyziggy
So proud of these kiddos! Such a fun experience for them getting to perform at the cowboys game along side the kinjaz and super crew, dcrb and the dcc! Congratulations @the.officials.crew , the rookie squad and @nsdpac performing company kids y'all were amazing :) dcrb you guys rocked it on your first dcrb halftime show! ... soooo good! And WOW jenny-- so so amazing!!!! Congratulations on your first amazing halftime show:))) #kinjaz #wod #nextstepdance #theofficials #cowboysnation #dcrb #supercrew
Happy birthday to the worlds greatest mother. I know a lot of people say that and claim to have the best mom... but I truly do! Happy birthday mom! Love you so much! @millerlyn60
So I made a little change today :) chopped it off! Thank you @l_oharathestylist0621
Everyone go download and support this amazing kiddo, she is talented in all aspects! so fun to see the big things she is doing! #godisgood #dancer #singer
Come see all the hard work these kiddos put in less than 3 weeks!!! #nsdpac
Happy Father's Day to one of my biggest supporters in life. I can't even tell you how grateful and blessed I am to have such an amazing father! love you so much dad! @mmiller1959
Im always so horrible at taking pictures at things ... I need to get better about it! But thank you all for making this birthday great :) #thisis28 #godisgood
Wow is all I can say At this point. These kids make me more than proud ... that have come so far from many barely dancing before (some never dancing before this year) and they go on to win at every competition they went to this year 🙊 thank you each for all of your hard work and again I'm so proud!!!!! Love you all!!! #nsdpac #hiphopkrew
Next step dance is putting on our very own musical! Anyone can audition and be a part of this whether you're a trained dancer, singer or actor. You also do not have To attend next step currently to be a part of this musical. Just email us today for an audition time/ for more information and join us on this amazing journey! Musical will be directed by the amazing peg waldschmidt! #musical #disenchanted #nextstepdance
I couldn't just pick one picture to show my appreciation and love for this woman. Words cannot explain how blessed amber and I are to be able to call this woman "mom", thankful that God chose me to be one of your daughters. You are AMAZING . Love you so much! #happymothersday #GodIsGood #godisgoodallthetime #blessed @millerlyn60
Forgot to include this beast of a dancer in the last video group! So proud of how far this one has come.