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  Posted: Jun 6, 2012 7:47 PM FEED
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Knew it would happen, left KCR too late to make the ferry on foot. Chilling here for 75 minutes isn’t so bad in this weather though. Just wish I had WiFi like in Seattle! Would help with getting homework done. #commutelife
Staying in a hotel that hands out slippers I can take and donate to KCR! #lifegoals
I knew more all-gender bathrooms were coming but did not expect this. EVERY public restroom should be like this, in my opinion. My first time using it, I exited my stall while a guy left his - nothing weird at all. We washed our hands and parted ways! I go to his school for so many reasons and hey like to give me more! This is #myseattlecentral! #illgowithyou
Waiting for my ride after a successful interview! So glad the weather in Bremerton is nicer than Kingston was this morning!
I made my own viewer yesterday and it worked great! I didn't go blind! (but I did peek anyway like a bad girl... did it as a kid too!) #eclipse
Caught the brothers chillin' by themselves, then got caught sneaking the pic. #dogslife
Just did my final presentation for my last class and was told she was stealing my care plan to give to her friend, the person my case file was based on. I think I nailed it! See you in the fall @seattlecentral! #summerstartsnow #myseattlecentral