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Not bad for our first big Thunderclap!

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This Rawland touring bike got jacked in Bed Stuy last night. If you see it anywhere hit me up ASAP and don't let that fool ride away. Brooks saddle and drop bars with bar end Shimano shifters. #nycbike #stolenbike #bikethief #jackedbike #findmybike
One year old! I love you munchkin. You're way cooler than me.
Someone had babies while I was away this December
@inthemoodforbyk communing with the wise alerce tree of southern Chile. Alerces have been found as old as 3600 years and they can grow to a height of 200 ft. Darwin reported finding one that was 12 meters in diameter! #CarreteraAustral #Patagonia #ParquePumalin