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  Posted: Jun 6, 2012 1:24 AM FEED
2 Nashville
Thanks for getting all your crap outta my bed.

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Totally neglected my own account in favor of @nationalclayweek last week, but while all that was going on I was finishing the last few days in Paris visiting Montmartre cemetery, meeting kittens, the Tour Eiffel, and back to Sèvres. #tourdeporcelain2017 #montmartre #bourdaloue #eiffeltower #nationalclayweek #ladameauxcamelias
Posted: Oct 14, 2017 6:07 PM
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Please share- @wearentinvisible needs your help! To gear up for NCECA, the (in)visible group of artists have donated amazing ceramic art pieces and experiences that can be purchased and yours today! We are asking for your help for shipping and travel expenses for artists, publicity expenses, and hopefully the ability to publish a book of the work included along with other pertinent artwork. Our exhibition highlights female and gender non-binary artists working in ceramics, who in some way feel invisible to the dominant culture. These artists represent struggles with physical and mental illnesses (commonly termed “invisible illnesses”), gender, sexuality, culture, religion, and race. We appreciate all your support---link in bio for work! #wearentinvisible #nceca2018 #contemporaryart #pittsburgh #identity #refusetobeinvisable #contemporaryartist #exhibition #culturalidentity #nceca
Posted: Oct 9, 2017 6:20 PM
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When you are helping run #nationalclayweek and it’s #usinghandmade #mugshotmonday but you are overseas without any cups... then a show posts your work! It’s almost like I didn’t just miss my train to Paris! #ncw2017 #ncwmugshot #Repost @potterynorthwest
See PNW & @arteastissaquah artists in a for-sale show of functional cups! Oct 2 - Nov 15, at the artEAST Art Center. Featured: Amanda Barr
#ilovepotterynorthwest #ceramics #exhibition #functionalceramics #cups
Another ocean video. #nationalclayweek is happening and because it’s online I’m running social media from the beach in Nice in my last day down here. It’s too peaceful not to. No filter. The water is really that blue. #cotedazur
Take a minute today to relax. Enjoy the waves of the Côte d’Azure from Ventimiglia, Italia. (It was only 45 mins by train from Nice) #tourdeporcelain2017 #italia #cotedazur #mediterranean #relax
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 4:21 PM
2 Willow
Arrived in Nice today on my way home. Managed to get some photos of Vallauris yesterday. Here’s the small chapel outside the front door of the house, lit up (and yes, edited to look extra spooky) at night. À bientôt, Vallauris. #tourdeporcelain2017 #airvallauris #chapelle
It’s so hard to say goodbye to new furry friends. I never learned his name but he was always following me around at the studio, howling for attention and snacks. He purred whenever he saw me. What a guy. #tourdeporcelain2017 #catsoftheworld #catlady #airvallauris
It’s Thursday here (jeudi) and I just finished giving an Instagram tutorial to all the residents so I should do a #tbt. @dirk_staschke at @fondationbernardaud in Limoges. So much great clay on this trip. #tourdeporcelain2017 #francia #naturemorte #bernardaud
Posted: Oct 4, 2017 4:47 PM
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If you aren’t following @wearentinvisible, it’s a good time to start. @ferguson_pottery did an amazing job hosting last month’s “pain and disability” theme, and @ravenhalfmoon is taking over October for “identity”. As always, feel free to share your story and tag @wearentinvisible to be featured. #Repost @wearentinvisible
Hey guys, Raven Halfmoon @ravenhalfmoon here hosting for this months theme of Identity. To introduce myself, this piece was made earlier this year and titled #NASTYNATIVE. This piece coincides with the nasty woman movement as well speaks to my American Indian heritage. This work is a direct reflection of how I navigate my place within society, my place within my tribe and my place in the fine art world. It is a commentary on the significance of my Caddo heritage and my Generation. Follow us for more remarkable artists! #invisiblenceca #wearentinvisible #identity #refusetobeinvisable #americanindian #contemporaryart #ceramics #nativeamerican #nceca2018 #contemporaryartists #iamnotinvisible #culturalidentity
Pulling a “use up all the clay quick dry” for a last minute bisque before I leave. #drybabydry
🔊 can’t stop won’t stop posting that @nationalclayweek is NEXT WEEK! #Repost @musingaboutmud
National Clay Week is NEXT WEEK!! Oct 9-15. Starting off the week on MONDAY is @thecrafteddish #thecrafteddish Please join us in Celebrating Clay!! #ncw2017 #nice #nationalclayweek #ceramic #clay #instapottery #canadianceramics
Posted: Sep 30, 2017 9:25 PM
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Today is the last day of Conductivity, the second day of Steinfest at @claymakersarts and the first day of the resident show at @a.i.r.vallauris. Lots of work out in the world right now! #ceramics
Posted: Sep 30, 2017 8:25 PM
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Everyone. Get a copy and hang it up! #Repost @nationalclayweek
Head over to our website to download this nifty promo for #nationalclayweek Print this poster and hang it up at your studio, art center, classroom, local coffee shop or anywhere that seems fit! Spread the good word of clay. #nationalclayweek #nationalclayweek2017 #ncw2017 #ncwopenstudios #pottery #ceramics #clay
Posted: Sep 28, 2017 12:14 PM
24 Inkwell
Truth in Instagram. This trip, while amazing, has also been hard. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, they don’t care if you’re supposed to be having fun. Add bad news from home (fuck cancer) and just missing the terror attacks in London and Barce, and I’ve been barely functioning. I want/need to be alone, to burrow away and try to take care of myself. Luckily, the group here has...not been understanding. Today I was confronted for being antisocial, sometimes hostile, not happy to be part of the group, etc. A quick search will tell you these are all signs of a major depressive episode. But it’s not about what I need. It’s about what’s socially normal.

Sorry I can’t be normal for you. Sorry that my past is full of trauma and pain and that has changed my brain chemistry to make me this way. Sorry this affects YOU so terribly. Must really suck. Me, I just use it as an excuse to be bitchy. It’s not a horrible reality of my everyday life at all.
If you have someone with a mental illness in your life, please educate yourself. Don’t take it personally when they have a bad day or month, try to be empathetic and kind. Please. Understand we are trying. And it’s just not enough some days.
#wearentinvisible #mentalhealthawareness #realtalk @wearentinvisible
Latergram- any other short people ever have to use a bag of clay as a booster seat in the studio? My chair is too short! #ceramics #airvallauris #shortpeopleproblems
Posted: Sep 27, 2017 8:53 AM
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Steinfest at Claymakers in Durham opens Friday! There’s my elephant on the bottom right, along with a few clay friends. Online opens Monday. for details. #steinfest @claymakersarts #durhamnc #porcelain #ceramics #beer
Posted: Sep 27, 2017 8:45 AM
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@erincarpenterpottery saw these at nceca, they’re awesome. Do want! #Repost @diamondcoretools
5,000 followers giveaway:
💎 Diamond sanding pad set (60, 120, & 240 grit)!!
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1) Re-post the photo (include these submission rules)
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Winners announced on Sunday 10/1/17 at 6:00 pm PST.
Posted: Sep 25, 2017 5:30 PM
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@nationalclayweek coming soon! I almost reposted this over on the #nationalclayweek account but black cat! So promoting #ncw2017 here. I do the social media. Hit up for more info. #Repost @blackbirdpottery
An oldie, but goodie... capturing my first pots in dark stoneware after years of working in porcelain. These are just test pieces in what would become very seductive clays for me! But more importantly, my dutiful studio mates and boss ladies, Midge and Nina stand guard.
I've been keeping the news under lid, but the cats are out of the bag.... I'm truly honoured to be included in The Crafted Dish... a curated selection of Canadian makers, their pots and their recipes... release date, October 9th!! Follow @thecrafteddish for sumptuous sneak peaks!

RepostBy @thecrafteddish: "The best house parties always seem to happen in the kitchen am I right?! And the cats always seem to want to take over the studio 😹 At least it's that way in my world and seems to be in the world of @blackbirdpottery
Can't wait to share with you all the beautiful piece April submitted for #thecrafteddish soon....soon.... The Crafted Dish will be available online to purchase on October 9th!

#ncw2017 #canadianceramics #nationalclayweek #cookbook #pottery #ceramics #poterie #handmade #slowcraft #slowfood #madeincanada #culinary #foodphotography #instafood #foodie #foodiesforlife #foodpic" (via #InstaRepost @AppsKottage)