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Made some new shorts!

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All I wanted was for you to notice me and you did and I'll never stop noticing you. #day1
Parker has such a fun personality. Today, he would not let go of my hand bag and was calling me "Aunt Chi Chi" with a giggle. Oh, and lemonade has never tasted so delicious to any other human being. I love my nephew and my momma too! #auntchichi #lemonade #jellypurse
Loves of my life. Post Malone was everything and more.
We finally got to see/meet the Personality Champ aka Main Mommy aka Water Champ last night and laughed our asses off. Still buzzing with happiness 🙈💕
My tan has faded in a matter of weeks and I'm not okay with it 😢 #summerforever
If you've been in my car in the past 3 years, this CD was most certainly playing. Today is all #villains #queensofthestoneage #shredem #geeked #joshhomme !!!!!
Missing out on being with these babes today and wondering if I could ever be persuasive enough to convince Elon Musk to build a tunnel transit from St. Louis to Decatur. I think he would consider it if I showed him this picture. #dreamersgonnadream #thecutestbabes #cousins
Good lighting and it faded to the perfect pink 🚀