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 kawaiiPhone 6S to  iPhone 7S Plus 📲
slight heat before the pool earlier - all I do are tre flips 📱: @marc.jacobss
A year today since I last got to spend time with you - everyone here misses you a lot & you're spoke of often. Love you man. Shoutout Colin Eigenmann for sending this to me a few weeks ago.
The missing trick (nose manual) in this line from yesterday is missing from this clip due to technical difficulties, lol. 📱film cred: @allenwrench217
I skate sometimes. @hightimes_rhymes Your capture(s) are better, haha.. Varial heel.
Alley-oop frontside 270° no grab kiwi slide, Centennial Park, 2010 Artist cred: @tnagekix 🎨
Shouts to @ma_less for acknowledging her biggest supporters by sending out some dope stickers to spread the love. Been a fan of Shake 'n Bass/Moombah Mafia for a while now & their championing of all things tropical bass. Luhhh dat shit..!