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brynunez 280w ago
Danced at the MTV Music Video Awards last night on stage with Wiz Khalifa. Had a blast! #losangeles #igdaily #mtv #hollywood #iphonesia

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even though it’s not until the 17th, we celebrated early. Happy Dirty 30 sister! I love you! ❤️❤️ @casaundralyssa #dirty30 #family #otherhalf #whenindoubtdanceitout#30flirtyandthriving
the best part about going out is the good food after..and me eating everyone’s food cuz they’re too tired/gone lol 😈🐖 #nightsout #theboys #4am
❗️been meaning to say how happy it made me that this LGBT Buzzfeed video was relatable to a lot of you that reached out to me. It’s okay to not fit stereotypes just as much as it is to fit every single one. It’s alright if you want something more, I can guarantee you there are others out there like you that seek love. What you want is never too much, you’re never too much. For the right person you will be everything and more. Stay strong, stay loving. 👊🏼❤️ #buzzfeed #lgbt #heartonmysleeve #love @kanediep is the shizz
🌎 today I partnered with @oxfamamerica to assist refugees every month who are displaced due to war and poverty. I’m also partnered with @charitywater and urge you guys to sign up/donate to a cause as well. There’s so much going on in the world and unfortunately sharing a photo or video doesn’t give direct aid. $5 or less to a charity! or volunteer somewhere this week! let’s go! 😊👊🏼 #losangeles #oxfam #charitynavigator #dosomething #actionsnotwords
Topman has me out here wanting expensive t-shirts just cuz the sleeves have designs when you cuff them. Can’t help it, I always do this to my shirts haha. 🤷🏽‍♂️ ya or nah? #topman #thegrove #takemymoney
nothing like waking up this morning to homemade pozolé with my brother. pero le falta tortillas 😕 #mexicanfood #brawley #cocacolaisamust #thanksmom #nunezboys
🔥 the Blueberry peel mask from @eminenceorganics that my sister used on me for a facial has been my fav mask so far. It made my skin hot and causes temporary redness (as shown 😂) but it did justice haha. got me lookin like a million bucks after! 💸🤡 #skincare #eminenceorganics #treatyoself #feeltheburn #newlayerofskinwhodis
catch me on episode 8 of “American Vandal” on Netflix! Funny to think I auditioned for this part huh? haha. Thanks for messaging me here and letting me know you guys saw it! I hadn’t seen it yet! #actor #americanvandal #netflix #losangeles #dix #teammomentum
Hey guys! an internet cut for my AT&T commercial is out partnered with (It Can Wait ✋🏼) check it out! 😊📱#att #acting #commercial #twohandsmom #drivesafe #hedoescarcommercialsinjapan big shoutout to @att @garrypurdy and #teammomentum
my niece Katana came to visit me 😍 she makes me so happy #themcheekstho #unclebryan
Follow my IG (@coffeenostalgia) here’s a preview of one of my poems since quite a few of you asked in messages. some rhyme, some don’t, some are just thoughts. but typing them all out from my journal is so unbelievably liberating. 😌 thinking of posting them to a separate IG account from now on or here just once a week. #losangeles #poetrycommunity #lovequotes #lovepoems #expression #writeitdown #quotesaboutlife
FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS GREG! 🎈 ❤️ otro año benditooo!to many more! puro pinche partyyyy #teamthick #oyeedoeee #birthdayboy #malumababy @whoagreg
🎬Just wrapped up filming a commercial today! this is the lady playing my mother. Definitely a funny one I can’t wait to see and share with you all! #losangeles #commercial #moretocome #teammomentum
🌌This painting I did recently is very special to me. I found the photo a long time ago and was touched by it. I then wrote my thoughts based off looking at it after. This is what it means to me —�—�—“I presume we all have a dark side just as we all have one of light. When we understand that these two exist in harmony is when we come to know our deeper selves. How could one appreciate the warm daylight without the cool, dark nights. How could one anticipate the mystery of the stars and privacy of the night without first basking all day in the sun?... I was as the night sky...wondrous, creative, fleeting, a cool blanket of calm at the end of a busy day. He was that of a sunny day...inspirational, energetic, present, warm rivers of illumination that prance across your cheeks to summon a smile. The day calls for productivity, action, soaking up life's moments like the sun rays, a foreboding of the dark that is to come. Though the darkness should not always be taken negatively, as the night calls for relaxation, celebration, recharging, a reminder that the light will always come to rise. These two exist side by side, complimenting each other, a timeless love and appreciation of each other's differences and duties. For the light is always present in the stars sprinkled across the night sky. And even when the sun extends its brightest rays, it casts shadows upon the Earth. I'm unaware of how exactly our two energies came to this. However, I'm now learning how to make peace with my dancing in your days.” 🌙 ☀️ ❤️ #loverecklessly #painting #acrylicpainting #oppositesattract #harmony #loveart #ineededcolor #poetrycommunity
DOG GONE IT! 😋 —one of my Moms dogs had 5 puppies and they’re everything #puppies #dogs #animales #puppypower #puppybreath
🔮Would you believe me if I said me and @jovannilorigo came up with the idea of recreating this one morning and did this all that same day in 30 minutes? lol. Yes that is my mom,sister and adorable nieces. I’m this type of uncle lol. Shoutout to @dualipa because I’m obsessed with this song and video so I just HAD to while on vacation. Should have done the whole video! 😆 what do you guys think? feel free to share it wherever! just tag me #dualipa #dualipafans #newrules #spoof #freethenipple #loves #dualipalovers #girlsbelike
been a while since I’ve spoofed a music video since the Fifth Harmony one for laughs butttt while on vacation I HAD to, here’s a little preview! I’m posting the video tomorrow so make sure to keep an eye out! 👀 it’s one of my favorites 😂 #sandiego #dualipa #justforlaughs #cantwait #brujavibes
@lauratwenty2 wanted me to paint her this today. —“Find someone that will introduce you to new things. Someone that will help your mind, heart and soul grow.” I used watercolors and pencils. 👫👭👬❤️ #watercolor #thegoodquote #lovers #Ineededcolor #art #request