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#flashbackfriday to watching the tapings of #maeyoungclassic and snapped a selfie 🤳 with @missviper91 she was my favorite for sure!
#goodvibestour #rebelution #summervibes good time catching up with old friends making new ones and enjoying some good music 🎶!
Let me tell you about the guy on the right of this photo.... Would pick me up from first grade take me to very own private booth at the fancy Pizza Hut and make me my own pizza with Mountain Dew on tap while working through college dating my mom not dating my mom! I thought he was a rockstar the man could have pizza whenever he wanted and hooked me up with all the Pizza Hut toys ! What an awesome guy! He even still makes me pizza on his own wood fire grill !! Can't thank my father enough for all he has done! The original Rockstar STEVE CERAR
Hanging out with one of my favorite people @zoe_kristen ! Thanks for visiting from Chicago!!!