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My Lil lily bug snuggling me, before I left for my cruise 🚢 😩
Good thing my hair dresser lives two doors down. 🤷🏼‍♀️🖤 #ditchkids
Baby sis went to her last homecoming in high school. I did her hair and help from @cammiiicam she did her make up. #dreamteam #loveyou
Happy birthday c h a n I n 🔥🙃❤️ @chaninmarie
Kelly- I’m so proud of you. You have literally taught me that age doesn’t define you. You have taught me how to be a better person for myself. Watching you grow up and teaching all of us that YOU can do anything you put your mind too. You have over come so many obstacles in life, and now you are finally seeing gods plan for you and Rich. God placed you as friends with all of us to teach us all a lesson to learn and grown just as you have! You are the definition of inspiration! I’m so happy you have found your happy ending. Love my Sonny’s Girls! @kelly_pendent @stephclarkyo @mrs_rboggs
"I am a kid in a candy store," Hefner famously said. "I dreamed impossible dreams, and the dreams turned out beyond anything I could possibly imagine. I'm the luckiest cat on the planet." #riphughhefner
#tbt when I think about you, I think about small face watches, big hugs, square framed glasses, Indiana & you-hoos. I miss you so much. 💕
Jus cause Teresa has never seen the OG IT😲
Forgot to post this, Mason at his birthday party!! 💕