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cunha8 1w ago
Wild sunrise this morning in NYC/NJ
cunha8 3w ago
Yeah I know. I’m a loser for going to the midnight release. Whatever.
cunha8 9w ago
Hey everyone, I'd really appreciate if you gave my photography page a follow! @acunhaphotography
cunha8 13w ago
Killing time the best way we know how. Always a great experience at Costa Nova Waffle. @costanovawaffle #cnwoftheweek
cunha8 16w ago
Gave this place a shot...and wow @bareburger really impressed... Safe to say these were the BEST sweet potato fries I've ever had!!! Great burger and sundae !!!!
cunha8 16w ago
365 days until we say "I Do" I'm so happy to spend the rest of my life with you ❤️ #6/23/17
cunha8 18w ago
Trying my hand at some street photography in #NYC. Feedback is welcome #canonphotography #canon #longexposure #streetphotography
cunha8 19w ago
Love this Benfica jersey...
cunha8 22w ago
Don't let anyone ever tell you presentation isn't everything. Amazing coffee and dessert after a perfect late lunch. Gracias Ivan @casa_dpaco #paconation If you've never eaten here before, you have no idea what you're missing out on...