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Working on a poster for

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Is this how dogs work? Dogs from memory in my #inktober quest to improve my ability to #drawcuteshit.
Catching up a bit on #inktober. Full disclosure: I might not be able to keep up with it. But maybe i will finish a few comics and practice drawing cute things! #inktober2017
As of today, I'm no longer a Trojan. I'll still be up for visits and such, so please invite me to cool things! And if you're ever in central PA, give me a shout.
Found this treasure at the coop in the bulk spice section.
Someone just told me I "look like a snapchat filter." #crowns
In celebration of the #twinpeakspremiere my friend @slippingsideways make this enamel pin! It's under her new brand @aardvarkthreads and you can preorder it on her etsy shop,
It's silly, but these little ceramic fish make me so happy.