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Find the courage to let go of what can't be change.
They say god doesn't take away something without the intention of replacing it with something better, right?. Where is this so called god and where is this something better; cause I don't see it nor do I feel it. I just want one thing that was taken from my mother, sister and I. I just want my dad back nothing more nothing less.
Is that selfish or is it wishful thinking? With each passing year I get much more colder, silent, brief, angry or angrier in my case. Changing to the point where I'm no longer myself entirely... just different.

Recently this month on the 7th of August I turned 26 and my old man turned 56. For the past couple of years I avoided celebrating birthdays. Yet this year was different; celebrated with close friends that I meet a year ago. Though to my surprise I was happy for a bit and I can't wait to see what happens next in the following years to come.
No matter what belief system you have or whatever mumbo jumbo you're into. HOPE is a powerful thing. Hope is something I'm going to hold onto for awhile.

This dog is one of my favorite reasons to come home to. Even days, like today I stayed home because I woke up with a high fever. He crawled up into my bed to keep me warm even though I was damp with cold sweats and shivering to no end he continued to cuddle.
Like all of us today we tend to say words, words with no meaning at all; you know just empty. Let's all learn from Oreo today that actions speak louder than words do.
Happy Mother's Day, you're still gorgeous even though you are 48. Love you mother! 👍🏼👌🏼
This little pupper has been in my life for 11 years; through so much good and the bad. Can't even imagine living this life without him. Happy Birthday little brother! Love you lots.
This is Micah he is my twin.... sept he's white... but we are practically the same person. Hope you had an awesome time celebrating your birthday at Disneyland and California Adventures with Jess and I.