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  Posted: Sep 5, 2011 10:38 PM FEED
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ibheddy 17h ago
Amazing day, amazing drinks, even more amazing people! So much love
Awesome time, with great people! Can't wait to see Matthew Q jam out tonight!
Had to use the Nashville app while and Nashville! Slapping da bass!
This girl has truly become one of my best friends! She's so unique and beautiful inside and out! Thank you for your one of a kind friendship and more! Keep shining pretty lady @mo_money_mocek
Ending my bday weekend on a high🍁 note!
Honey roasted peanuts are my favorite!!! When they are on sale....😊
My bitch always knows how to make me feel special @aeby8 love love love you
What an amazing end to my 20s, #alcohol, #bud, #pumpkins. So thankful for these people to make it so special
The family at Perfect Nails have been my human diary for over 3 years now. They hear all my stories and know more about me than most of my friends. @tuanoside is seriously a nail God! Everytime, I don't even have to say anything, and he knows what I am looking for! Best nail salon in my opinion, Midwest! I've been to alot, and non compare! Check em out!
Thank you @aaronibey and @the_modern_hippie_diaries for bringing me along on this magical journey and not throwing me off a cliff! Love you both to the ❤🌜moon and back 🌛❤
The art work in San Francisco was fascinating! The deapth, the culture, and diversity were memorizing. Thanks for the hospitality Cali!
I could write a long spiritual post but.... heresTree pose in front of a tree!!
No better place to enjoy a @coors than in its own hometown!