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Carrying around the hiking backpack we got before Europe reminds me that it kept our stuff dry when we walked behind a waterfall! #wcw #iceland
Been wanting to hear this intro to open a show for years! El Corazon was a perfect venue for this wild show. Thanks for touring this album @mewithoutyou #atoblife
@michael_j_crook and I will be rocking some tunes next month at Tacoma Brewing's new location. Mark your calendar to come party with us! Family friendly venue = save babysitter $$ = beers. Link in bio.
I loved a lot about the Netherlands. The row house buildings really make the cities special. We ate dinner here and it was great. Aly decided to accept her current job that night! #l8rgram #nederland #amsterdam
Saw Benjamin Booker again on Sunday. It was soulful and awesome. I have recovered from mild sleep deprivation. #thisis32 #l8rgram #nofilter
Knee deep in regular life, it's hard to believe that we were in Iceland this summer. This picture from our first evening in Reykjavik is not the prettiest or most interesting, but I really enjoy it. We were trying out a bunch of selfies and other shots with our GoPro and ended up with a few of these shots that I think look pretty rad. Maybe it's the overcast weather combined with our dark clothing that make us fit in. These pics remind me of how much I enjoyed every moment with my #wcw on that trip, even when travel wore down one or both of us.

One unexpected reminder of Iceland is Run the Jewels, which was playing in the first bar we went to in Reyk and has been my most-played artist ever since. I'm reminded of this evening every time I spin RTJ3. #iceland #reykjavik #l8rgram #rtj3👉👊
Here is a blurry picture with a few guys I haven't seen in 6+ years. Mini WPTS reunion for #jasonandsam2017! Congrats guys! #collegeradioforever
Today was the start of a new chapter for Aly! Graduate school in the rear view, diploma in the frame, and day one of her first job as a school counselor. I'm very proud of the hard work and care that she's put into preparing to be an advocate for kids. Wa He Lut added a hell of a lady to their staff! #cityugrad #thefutureisfemale #wcm
A new job, a new door, this time with a whiteboard. The northwest has blessed me with many things, one of which being another underperforming baseball team to track. Here's to another likely disappointing August/September! #GoBucs #GoMs
One of my best friends and one of the overall best dudes around is getting married today! Stoked to be celebrating with you, @michael_j_crook, and that you found such a great partner. Welcome to the band, @laurenjulin! #l8rgram #julook
It is hot so here's a #wcw from another hot day! This is one of my favorite pictures to take: a picture of Aly taking a picture. She doesn't like them as much. #hrvatska #motherland #nofilter
#tbt Been thinking a lot about the Netherlands since our trip. I loved it! All of it. The bikes, the canals, the architecture, the public transportation, the friendly Dutch people. I hope we get a chance to return someday. In the meantime, I'll continue to ride my bike more in hopes of bringing a bit of the Netherlands here. #leiden #holland
Hi. It is fun to be a tourist. Go see the cool stuff in your town or the town near you. #l8rgram #seattle
Stoked to return to career services this morning as Assistant Director for Career Advising at @univpugetsound! Also stoked to stick with a great employer for this next step. Feeling very welcomed in CES with this succulent to go with my other decorations.
Today we went to the town where my grandfather Nicholas Sovich was born. His mother, Barbara, sent him from Croatia to America when he was 10 to meet his father, Josip, who had gone ahead of the family to create new opportunities for them in America.

My ability to visit Croatia today is a result of my grandfather and his parents making sacrifices for their family. I have the opportunities I have today because a family in Opatinec believed they could make a better life for their future family in the US. They were right. I can only imagine what it would be like to make the sort of sacrifice they made. I hope to demonstrate a love for family to this degree in some other way in my life.
Sretna godišnjica to my bride of two years! Celebrating internationally again. First Victoria, then IKEA, now Croatia.