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dcorsetto 280w ago
"Did I get into your flowers? What are you talking about? This is just my yellow bow tie."

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Just three more days to get these lovely hardcovers!! I've added more Artist's Edition slots in case you want yours personalized with sketches. Get on it if you want it! (Link in bio, or just search "slingshots" on!)
Drew tiny Pip in three different styles for my overdue #inktober drawings! They're over at @dcorsettoart if you wanna see each separately. #catober #stylized
Get off the internet once in awhile, friends. 💚
L.L. Bean has a freaking BOOTMOBILE at the Dempsey Challenge up here in Maine. Here's my Uncle Dave and my bearded alter ego, Daniel. #bootmobilecontest #BeanOutsider
Good gravy, the view on my way up here! And the moon over the pond once I got here, sheesh!! #maine
They have so much in common. ;) Last night's and today's #catober. I'm posting all of my #inktober art at @dcorsettoart this month!
You can follow my #inktober drawings at my art account, @dcorsettoart! I'll be drawing Pip and Ellie all month long to exercise my cat-drawing muscles. #catsofinstagram
Finally digging into my gal @thegooddeath's book From Here to Eternity! Already preordered the hardcover from @fourseasonsbooks - it's literally as easy as walking up to your bookstore clerk and going, hey, I want this, order it for me. (Maybe say please.) Go do it for yourself!!
Our Dr. Mario game glitched HARD tonight! (🎶- the music doubled itself!!) #drmario #glitch #8bit
I've been picking the perfect red-orange zinnias from @greengatefarm every week and they make my heart swell whenever I enter the studio. 🖤❤️🖤
It's only when he sunbathes that you can just barely, barely tell that Pip's got faint brown tabby stripes. #blackkitten
IT'S HERE!! The Complete Girls With Slingshots is up on Kickstarter for preorders!! Two hardcover books, slipcase, satin bookmark, embossed foil, LOOK AT THIS THING, and it costs less than half the price of all ten softcovers!! Shipping is incredible reasonable, too, even (especially?!) most overseas shipping! There will also be new bonus strips in addition to the full-color collection of all the strips you already know. Link in bio!!