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o_face 2w ago
My man crushes everyday. Can’t wait to spend rest of our lives together. I love you both 💕 #lover #littleman #mcm #puppycuddles
o_face 4w ago
Happy birthday to my sweet baby boy! A year ago he came into this world and 8 weeks later made our life's even better. He has so much character and is always loving. He just wants to please and be loved. Copper man is just one big derp and I love him greatly for that. I'm sure Belle won't say as much as me but I know she loves you and is happy she has a brother to play with. He is my little man and I'm so happy he is ours. He will be spoiled to death this weekend. Mama loves you little man. #crying
o_face 8w ago
Happy birthday baby girl! Glad you came into our lives! Your smile is so contagious 😘❤️ love you!!
o_face 11w ago
She is so quick, she always knows where that ball is going to go. #cantbetricked
o_face 16w ago
When little man was actually little. 😭😭😭#tbt #littleman