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My Baby Girl/Meow <3

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Since my followers love Blacky sooooo much and like a lot of his photos I'm going to make Blacky an instagram :D!
Double tap this picture of Blacky <3 and I'll like all your photos in 2 weeks or less probably today depending how many photos =D #photos #likeallpictures #cute #adorable #dogs #funnyfaces #chihuahuas #CUTESOGS<3 #myhappiness
Yay I'm going to my Bestie Ali's B-Day party on August 4th with my Bestie Darlene <3 @darlene1208.
Follow Her for cool pics and thanks for liking most of my pictures
I love him more than anybody else in the world! He means EVERY SINGLE THING TO ME! I've had him ever since I was in kindergarten :D! And now I'm 13 going into 8th grade and he's still here <3! I love you Blacky and without you nothing matters to me anymore <3!
S/o to Trin for liking/commenting on all my pics :)
Conversation killer -___- but I still love that dushe ^_^ <3 @its_swaggkidd_boi
I have a Social Cam :3 so go follow me ^_^ and I'll follow you
My pool that were putting up tomorrow for our barbecue