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My first painting in months. Yet to be "finished".
This change in the sky happened in a matter of moments. There's something inspirational in that, and I can't quite define it. Feel free to try. #nofilter
Taken at @stevepessah & @leeny1023's wedding. Yea, I tagged you as trees. Because I love you both and/or some other significant meaning
Genuinely proud to live in a country where the worst potential outcome of posting this is dealing with a whiney Trump troll, as opposed to a place like North Korea where a sketch like this would most likely make me a political prisoner
Thanks to @influenster , @barbasolshave & misplacing my buzzer, I can see my face for the first time in over 2 years....forgive me for this post. #BarbasolRazors #CloseShave #contest #sponsored
Another gorgeous day in Nashville thanks to @stevepessah (current bachelor in control of Tennessee weather)
If only reality TV could be this great.
Donald Trump Jr.'s AOL account is my favorite