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mkjones 280w ago
  • casto 280w ago

    About 4 years too late

  • mkjones 280w ago

    Who me?

  • casto 279w ago

    @mkjones - haha, no. the graffiti is 4 years too late (assuming it was written recently) considering wall street's spectacular 2008 crash.

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Reached the end of star hill road today and was forced to turn around
Fun stop on the way up the coast last weekend with birthday girl @sjkdenny
California's rocks and seals on a day hot enough to crackle the pinecones.
Who knew redwood city had so many spinnakers?
Turns out Estonia has awesome hikes - through forests with red pines and on boardwalks over huge bogs. Would love to go back and bike here sometime.
mkjones 11w ago
Pretty delicious homemade caprese tonight, thanks to @catedenny and @billgensheimer
mkjones 15w ago
Got to try out some new-to-us cross bikes today. I learned that if you run your tubeless tires too low, they roll off in corners! (Didn't crash though!)
mkjones 19w ago
After a long climb up empire grade, we bombed down Jamison creek road, a steep and windy back road connecting to 236 and big basin. From last weekend.
mkjones 19w ago
We hit a fog sandwich climbing out of big basin on Monday. I love the depth it adds to everything.