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Flowers going in today. :) 154/366

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I just couldn't grow my bangs out. 😔 I need them.
Followed a camel in a truck today. You know, like you do. #camelinatruck #camel
Asshole flew under my hand and ruined my wine. 😡
#flyinmywine #ihateflies
Oh man! I forgot to post this little gem of these little gems!
#cutiepatooties #sisters @venezuelagonz
I can post these cuties here. Their grandmas won't see before Mother's Day. 😁 my favorite models.
In other crazy news, I had a full second blooming on my Christmas cactus!! 😳🌸
Still coming down! Big fluffy flakes. Sticking to everything but the street. 😁❄️👏🏻 #snowinsc
Snowing in SC in March!! 😳😁❄️❄️❄️
We got our new sofa today!! So comfy! So happy 😊 only took 4 years. haha
Just chillin' on NYE. 😂 be safe out there! Happy New Year! #funnysocks
Waiting on new tires in a lobby with cool old barber chairs! 💈 #barberchairs