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Cap’m and coke, the red white and berry & bud light for the birds. #turnup #sundayfunday #eagles
Saturday's is for the boys, Sundays are for the birds. #tailgate
Long woods gardens. It's like a D grade version of Disneyland with no rides and nice scenery. Good beer tho 😬
Fictional reading before the end of the nite. What to choose?!? #marvelcomics #dccomics
Light saber fight between twins at blue rocks! Entertainment at it finest during my birthday #youwerethechosenone #starwars #sailorjerrys
When you get endless apps and get your money's worth. @bsexton302
Pulled these out of the box. Haven't been worn in 3 years. Limited edition Keith harring reeboks #reebok
@bsexton302 @caitlinn_gibsonnn congrats to one of best friends a guy could ask for! Finally becoming a married man. I wish you and Caitlyn nothing but the absolute best and many years of happiness to come. #bestfriends #congratulations
The honor. @bsexton302 @bigeasy82 @2freshtohandle one of the groomsmen. Bachelor party down oc at the mansion pad.
Shout out to all the cosplayers I've met up in philly. The cosplays were awesome ! I've seen the guardians of the galaxy (congrats on the rewards for the contest by the way you guys earned it!) ran into cheewie! Power rangers, goku and chichi from dragon ball, cosplayer @animiaofficial as tinker bell ! The joker and Harley quinn, kid flash, night crawler and my self as lord vermouth god of destruction and all others ! Great cosplays ! #thegreatphiladelphiacomiccon #philly #comicon #cosplay
Had a blast up in philly at the great Philadelphia comicon got chances to meet john shipp (jay Garrick from the flash)
Brianna Hildebrand (mega sonic teen warhead from Deadpool)
Walter jones ( original black power ranger)
Austin St. John (original red power ranger)
Comic legends Jim shooter & mike zeck
With all 12 issues of marvels secrets wars double autographed
And Sean Christian Schemmel American voice actor of goku from dragon ball !
Met a bunch of awesome people and couldn't ask for more. Going back again next year. Can't wait ! #thegreatphiladelphiacomiccon #philly #comicon
Met real life peter griffin Robert Franzese and he has a message for you
Swapped over and cleaned up a throttle body for the Yamaha. And she's ready to be put in the frame. Also swapped out the old rusted rear rotor for and upgrade. #progress #timeandpatience #yamaha
Something I whipped up. Grilled salmon & green beans potatos skins and broccoli and rice for dinner. #eatgoodfeelgood