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found some old photos today of the infectiously positive @corykennedy. remember that one time when ya got a perm and won some cash. hope to see you soon brother. love ya! 😘❤️
❤️🙏 Puerto Rico! Puerto Rico needs some love. I was proud of how my community shared empathy and love and cash and things for our brother Americans in Texas and Florida. I haven't heard much love from my community about our 3.4million fellow Americans in Puerto Rico. I hope I’m wrong in that perception. #puertorico 🙏❤️🇺🇸
as seen on the front page of the wall street journal... too many levels here... #sciencewriting #fakenews or #oldnews thanks @wsj ?!? 🐀🇨🇳#newspecies 👽
On 9/11 something big happened. It changed a lot of things, especially for those of us in New York City. 9/12 was when we started to deal with it, and our family and friends and city were clearly more dear than ever. Choose love, and don't let xenophobia tell you who your family is. #neverforget #alwaysremember ❤️🗽🇺🇸
I see Preston in my son. I hope it sticks. Tell your friends you love them. It's important.
Since I met Preston I haven't seen an impossibly high ollie, cooked over fire, or been in a far off place without thinking "what would Preston do?". If you knew him, you love him and learned about life from him. If you didn't meet the demi-god in the flesh, you will still learn from him, because he truly changed the world by infecting everyone he met with his positivity and gravitas. He is a god among men. An immortal. A fund to help his family is set up. link in bio. do it. he would.
the ole snags, rib-eye, and veggie wrap combo on gathered logs. miss ya big dog. 🍻❤️
Romeo &Juliet & Peaches. Summer keeps on rolling. 🍑👶🌞🎭#shakespeareinthepark
Beerhoven's 9th or watermelon? ecstasy in the evening 🎻🥁🎺🎼🍉🍉🍉 #bostonlandmarksorchestra #hatchshell
haven't worn this shirt in years. randomly sifted to the top and into my luggage. #keenanforever ... must be about 20 years old #teeshirtmemories #teeshirts
when you are walking down the street, thinking about your friend who has passed and the @nytimes stares back from the garbage bins..... i have been blessed to know amazing humans ❤️❤️❤️❤️