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How has life "punched you in the face?" please share...
  • Going thru life lessons with kids that I NEVER thought I would have to deal with... but I know in my heart and they prayer it will all work out!

  • Definitely been punched in the face by life...

  • * that was through prayer!

  • @jdivello thx for sharing! #prayer

  • @jennilee_h yes you have! But you still manage to inspire others. #powerful

  • So funny. I love it

  • After being diagnosed with cancer for the third time, life punched me in the face in the form of divorce from a husband who "couldn't deal with the stress of my illness". So, I'm 32, with terminal cancer and I make sure I really LIVE everyday I have left.

  • @tiffannieamber thank you Tiff for sharing. That took a lot of courage. You inspire me and I am humbled to know you. God Bless you!!

  • noone would ever believe that wecreate our own universe. find peace in yourself and you willfind peace outside of you. i went thru illness, divorce drug addiction and alot more but it wasnt life that punched was me punching life.but i had to figure it out first because iwent from giving everything else fault but myself to giving all fault to myself. but the thing is thete is no fault. its the balance of nature i just mislearned how to see the good things in life.blessings to all of u'

  • jelineloh 280w ago

    I have learned that no matter how tough life is and difficult it is..we will always ask the question..why me? Why? But God doesn't allow something to difficult that we can't handle. At times, God is more interested in shaping our character than our comfort. God is transcendence at the same time he is immanence. He is still in control over every situation we are in. We just need to trust that He knows best for us. We are given a free will as He loves us too much to control us but if we abused this free will it will result in consequences we have to pay for. At times it might not be us but the fallen nature of this world. Also if continue to be in it the devil will have a foothold on us and his deception will continue if we allow but God has given us the power to overcome as He has already overcome the world thru Jesus Christ and greater is He who is in us than He who is in the world. God loves us all very much to allow us to stay the same. Take a step towards Him and He will run a thousand miles towards us with arms wide open! 

  • sallymo_ 280w ago

    @tiffannieamber that's what we all should do: live to the fullest every day. Good vibes your way from Puerto Rico.

  • @tiffannieamber all my best wishes and prayers are with you! If he can't be there through the bad then his not good enough to be with you at all! Be strong !

  • hi.forte 280w ago

    Mr. BURKE! I hope all is well! I played baseball with Austin on the Yankees back in Middle school & went to North Ranch ! Please help me gain more followers

  • @internationalbabys wow thanks for sharing! Very deep and powerful stuff!

  • @glitterypubez you have suffered more than most. But you life is valuable and God will never put you through more than you can handle. You have so much wisdom and strength. God Bless you!!

  • We plan, and god laughs at us.

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