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They didn't really seem to like it when I went in the box with the ball.

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Speak until the dust settles in the same specific place.
I re-downloaded twitter for some reason. Give it a follow. @_anthonywilsonn
Finished the snake yesterday and I love it! Big thank you to Leila @ghostdogtattoo for being so awesome and consistent. The sleeve is coming together amazingly! 😊🐍
I introduce to you, Chief Perch. @chiefperch
This is an amazing and fun set and I was so happy to be there and able to capture some of the moments from their show! I wish I could just post all of the pictures I got but I'll save some of the excitement for later. For now check out @chiefperch on Apple Music, Spotify, and/or sound cloud and listen to their new single "Magnetizer"
I started working out or something. Catching me at the end of a workout looking exhausted. 📷 @grebollar215
Fun show with @loveandhappinessband from about 3 weeks ago. The singers had great energy and great voices too! Of course I gotta show some love to the other band mates as well.
What about a throwback for no reason at all?
Each day goes on for years, I'm tired of being alone.
I used to know, but now that shit don't feel right.
When you think you're taking a picture but it's actually a video.