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#dior #diorliquidrouge #lipstain 😍in love!!!👉🏼 I am wearing #electricmetal in number 515 🤳🏻💋 come see me! Dm me for more info!
When you're out playing catch up working your ass off and you get a good night message from your hipster/tree/child 😆 .. thx @jenlbb_own.17 for watching Royce and tucking him. This message motivated me to push through the head pain and work as long as I could last night. #ilovemyson #blessedwiththebest
Happy Birthday to my Amazing and beautiful mother 👸🏻 Princess Jayne Romo.. can't believe it's been almost 9 years since Iv heard your voice. I love you so much mom. I love celebrating your bday just because I know how much YOU loved your bday and your special holidays and you had every right because you deserved them. Best mommy ever. I love you so much and wish I could've told you every morning and evening so you would've known how appreciated you truly were. Respect mommy my angel. I love you. Rest in power always. Royce loves his gamma too!
You know it's true #mommaandson #love when you're willing to eat an ice cream cone made of dairy 😝 woof just for him. Ugh he is worth it! I love him so!