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Exciting to see Mike Colter back on Harlem streets filming season two of Luke Cage!
They're plotting something, I can just feel it.
Sous vide scrambled eggs, thick cut farm style bacon and heritage tomatoes make the best breakfast. Side avo totally unnecessary but welcome nonetheless.
Here’s another doggie pic, just in case you didn’t see the other one. Here he’s under my desk, guarding my feet from rabid squirrels. What a hero.
Spent the day looking after this little guy. He’s got a sore leg but he carried on napping like it was nothing. What a champ.
Actually gonna miss this place when I’m back in the concrete jungle of New York City...
I know a Geary who would object
Chinatown is purdy, and the food is excellent. I narrowly avoided a Szechuan dish called “explosive chilli beef” 💥
This photo doesn’t accurately convey the enormity of the burrito, which was thicker than my bicep (ok that’s not really too hard).
After a really bloody lovely swim at Ocean Beach on a perfect Autumn day.