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As soon as I saw that people were photobombing on the Halloween arcade on #overwatch , I knew I had to do it. First attempt was not bad. Next time I'll try and get in front and do a better emote. lol. #blizzard #pcgaming #100fps #ultra #msigaming #nerd
No sticker seal on the box so I thought I'd give it a look see before putting it away. So here's a size comparison. The SNES classic is pointless if you own a Pi IMO. My pi runs retro pi and emulates everything PSX and earlier just fine. Cart images, descriptions, it's all there on retro pie. Still a nice gift though. I know this was probably tough to come by as it's sold out everywhere.
Gift from a friend. :) Definitely a nice pick me up. No need to open it though as I already own a Pi3 that does way more. But still a nice gesture. I would have preferred the EURO version but beggars can't be choosers. #karma #snesClassic
Snuggles on the new floor chair although I think Sadie sees it as a new dog bed. 🐶
All that's left are burned up cars and fire places. You can see the news van to the right.
Riding around places I wasn't supposed to go. Burned power line connected but pole is burned in half.
Ready to evacuate at a moments notice. All the important thing minus the dog. Damn fires are crazy right now in Nor Cal.
Finally at a spot I can keep the bike. Snagged her from a co-workers spot this weekend. Dead battery , of course. She's also a dusty dirty bitch.
Since all the SNES classics sold out. Decided to do the retro pie thing. 21 games vs. 10,000 ... seems like a no brainer. #retropie #raspberrypie #emulators #snes #gamer #pcgamer #nerd
So I've been looking into SBC's for a while now. This isn't my first choice this is more of a warm up. I have an overly powerful rig I don't always use for gaming. I wanted something for DL'ing, media streaming (plex), vlc, surfing the web and emails. This is perfect. Average power draw is 2.4W and as low as 1.2W. Considering my rig rocks a 1300W power supply (but definitely doesn't draw that) I think I'm headed in the right direction. Next one to try will be a Banana Pi M64 or Nvidias Jetson TX1 or TX2.
Sadie's new outdoor prison. She hates it.
Sadie's surgery went really well. She's super out of it. The Specialist said it was sturdier than the X-rays led him to believe so surgery was a tad cheaper ( 😒 ) so everything seems good. I'm just happy she woke up. They scared me a little when they called and said it would be more complicated and her heart rate was low... mother fucker just fix my fucking dog don't call me with some bullshit. You got her cut open on your table, hang up the fucking phone and handle your business son. Lol. But she's good. 🐶☺️