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One of the most well produced albums I've ever heard. Talk about man crush. #cleantone #music #johnmayer #fb

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I’m excited to announce the soft launch of this brand new company. Church Creative is an all in one resource for Pastors, Worship Leaders, Creatives, volunteers, and everyone in between. From consulting to creating, we’re excited to come alongside you, your team, and your ministry to equip you like never before. We have some exciting things on the horizon, the first announcement comes Monday, Oct 16th! Link is in my bio
In early 2015, Bryce and I took this picture after a weekend of experiencing God move in a way we never had before. Married just 4 months, we took a leap of faith to move to New England to follow God's leading in our lives. We had no idea what we were stepping into or who God was placing around us, and yet, we found a home, and we found family. Next Level Church brought in a couple of kids, and entrusted us with helping push forward the Gospel in the least churched region of America. We have seen God do the impossible. We truly feel like we've grown up here. In life, there are seasons. We are moving into a new season as a family. With our baby due in just a few months, we felt God doing a new thing in our hearts. We had a desire to be around our families in this upcoming season. With a heavy heart, we've decided to move back to FL. We are full of emotion as we make this change. One of heartache, and one of hope. Heartache because we'll be saying goodbye to the place we have poured so much into, and the place that has allowed us to grow and flourish as followers of Jesus. Heartache because of the distance that will be between us and the many people we have built relationships with. To our friends and family here in the Northeast, thank you. For taking a chance on a couple of kids. For welcoming us in like your own. For the love and grace you've given us, and for the fun times we've had together. You will always be family. This goodbye isn't easy. To Next Level Church, holy cow. There is nothing ordinary about what we see every weekend. You've given so much opportunity to lead, to create, and to simply be a part of this amazing move of God. The best is ahead, God is preparing this church to lead a movement across America, I know this to be true. We love you with everything in us. Your leadership, staff, and volunteers are second to none. The plane hasn't even taken off yet. Don't lose the wonder. Don't lose the expectation. This is just the beginning. We're also full of hope. Our family is growing. We have an opportunity to reconnect with our friends and family in Tallahassee. We feel God doing special things in our hearts and we believe the best is yet to come.
We're seriously so pumped to welcome Judah in February 2018! This little dude is going to be a world-changer!
Sometimes familiarity breeds clarity. When you're in a difficult season, you can always go back to what you know, and that can bring a sense of confidence to this ever changing landscape called life. The problem is, if we lean into familiarity too much, it keeps us bound in the past, and can keep us from experiencing all the new things that God has planned for you. We must be willing to find solace in the past, in the known, and grow confident...but we must be willing to step out, into the unknown, and put our faith to the test. This post is completely nonsense, but it's long, and it's artsy, and CFA gets me hype af

#SweetTeaLife #GimmeDatChickyChick #LookAtGod
Selling my Fender 60s Classic Strat. Upgraded Texas Specials. Hard case is included as well. $625. #geartalk #guitar #strat #fender
2 years feels like it's flown by! Here's to the great times, the frustrating moments, the silliness, the chilling, and everything else. We've grown so much over the last 2 years, I know the best is yet to come. I love you dearly, and I promise to go to Target more with you this year. Happy Anniversary :) @bryceegirl
We had such a great time at the Celtics game last night!
It's been snowing today, and yes, I did throw a snowball at a co-worker.
I probably don't post on this enough, but I love my wife. Getting to do life with your best friend is more rewarding than you'd ever know! Thanks for pushing me to be a better man. @bryceegirl
Shoutout to Rob Benton for gifting me this old hymnal. This thing is stunning.
My setup for our interviews with Jerod Mayo and Dion Lewis of the #Patriots today. #NewEngland
Our first Cajun deep fried turkey and New England wasn't ready. It's getting too much love!
We live in the most beautiful place. Portland, ME
Great day in Freeport, ME with great friends! Got our first pairs of Winter boots, stoked for the snow season!
Modern Pastry cannoli overlooking downtown Boston.