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Big first day for baby girl I'm out here co-parenting like a pro n shit
I was suppose to dress formal for the daddy daughter dance but she liked the crown on my T-Rex because it matched her dress. And if you know me I wasn't gonna dress up anyway so it all worked out. My first dance wit the kiddo!!
Just tryna keep mine at the highest levels my name respect n honor I give it out and only expect the same in return nothin less.
#Stayfocused there's a great reward in practicing patience.
Stop tryna tell the ladies when n where to create one.... I would love for the government to back sumthing to keep my ol lady going hard when she 60 70 plus #helpkeepthefaucetleaky #governmentproectthevaginas we need them later on keep it #slippery skrt skrttttt oh this is my women's day support..ques migos x Gucci🎤🎤slippery💦💦💦
I've always been Godly ✊🏿✊🏿
Happy turkey day from us... cuz we're just us
You have to except the Truth understand your truth be open about your insecurities and grow from there... I'm glad I have a great one on my arm she provides me with the foundation to grow consistency trust openness and I provide the reciprocal... Toast to greatness ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
ayebattle 126w ago
#wcw corny I know but this lady here gets anything and everything she asks for her patience is incredible her ability to manage my crazy ass antics is amazing her sense of humor keeps us talkin for hours on end. I'm the lucky guy who gets to have you in his corner and the strength you provide as a mother and friend is again undeniable and shows when we're together even tho I'm celebrating you today this is a everyday thing for me. My #wc everyday #zululove proud to be a companion to a very loyal and strong black women and mother. Black love is where it's at.
ayebattle 133w ago
Beyoncé got her skating n sangin!!!