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  Posted: Jun 2, 2012 3:11 PM FEED
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sorry i havent posted in awhile!!! ive been studying for finals!! theyre next week!! ahhh and then im done with school which means more time with you all!! thank you guys so much! you make my day;) #onedirection #directioners #paulowers #5boys #1band #1d #1dfamily #foreverandpaulways #staysexymyfriends

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Posted: Aug 14, 2016 4:41 PM
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I had a dream I met 5sos and then I woke up and now I'm sad bc I have never met them in real life 😭 so here's a picture of calum ✌🏻️ #calumhood #5sosfamily #5secondsofsummer #5sos #5sosfam #like4like #calum5sos #f4f
Posted: Aug 12, 2016 9:06 PM
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don't you guys miss when it was like 2013 and the only thing we had to worry about was which color Michael was gonna dye his hair next? now it's like all girlfriend drama and people being angry at each other and I'm like MAKE IT STOP #5sosfamily #5secondsofsummer #5sos #michaelclifford #michael5sos #like4like #like #f4f #follow
Posted: Aug 8, 2016 6:51 AM
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I'm honestly so done with arzaylea like there can never be a day without drama caused by her. I know some fans like her but idk why? How could you like someone that uses their boyfriends popularity for their own good/entertainment? She "leaks" pictures & does crap like she did in that video from warped... How does anyone like a person who is an attention whore? I really don't want to sound rude but it just makes me so frustrated that Luke can't even see what she's doing! And then there's fans that are scared to share their opinion because they'll get blocked by another fan? Come on guys lets have a little maturity here!! She's actually not that great & if you can't see that then there's something wrong... So sorry for my little rant & hate me if you must, I just needed to vent.
Posted: Aug 7, 2016 6:28 PM
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don't you just love him 😍💜 #lukehemmings
Posted: Aug 7, 2016 6:40 AM
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luke's new hair is award-worthy 🏆
Posted: Aug 6, 2016 6:24 AM
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do you ever just have a mental breakdown cause you realize you'll probably never end up with your celeb crush like this happens to me on a daily basis what is wrong with me
Posted: Aug 1, 2016 7:03 PM
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guys I'm baaaaack! enjoy this picture of luke 🙃 #lukehemmings #5sos
Posted: Mar 25, 2015 9:14 PM
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Just something to take the pain away