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RIP Dylan Rieder 💔

There are a lot of beautiful people in this world but few a magical. That is one thing that you are Dylan. A magical Gemini twin, a wild creature of nature, a beautiful gentle soul with an undeniable aura. Watching you leave us on Wednesday with your family and friends all gathered around you would have to be the most beautiful farewell one could ask, but this whole situation still seems so surreal and unreal. What happened to you is a tragedy and makes no sense to any of us. But I know I love you and I know how much love is, was and always will be around you. You will be greatly missed.
Farewell my magical friend.
Moments before getting this angel into her wedding gown and helping her walk the last steps in this life without that ball and chain. Thank you for asking me to be your bridesmaid on this most important and magical day and also in life. I love you sister. Another one bites the dust right @filomenajones @roja__p
My prayers are for our refugee sons and daughters in border camps going to sleep in a tent every night not knowing what their near future will bring 💔#teamhumanity #idomeni
My heart is with our refugee brothers and sisters stuck in border camps around the world 💔 #teamhumanity #edomeni #pray4humanity
I spent the new year in Tanzania with my son Shooter reflecting on the year that passed. I feel like everyone should count their blessings every single day. I am reminded of each one of mine every morning I wake up and see the light in the apples of my beautiful sons eyes. I am thankful for every person that has touched my heart and who's heart I have touched. Let's go into this new year together reminding ourselves of our human duty to help others if able to. I can't wait to rejoin my family Team Humanity back on the Greek island of Lesvos in a few weeks. #DiamondsINtheRough #teamhumanity #instantrelief #volunteertovolunteer
Happy new year to all of my loved ones~ you know who you are ❤️=======
Hoping my scarf and sunglasses is masking my fear of flying on this tiny propellor plane. Which by the way is older than me. Let our furniture be rustic. Not our airplanes 🙏🏽
Allegedly studies prove that men who put out a lot of selfies on social media are sociopaths. And women who do are selfish. Here is a photo of me taking out the garbage. How shellfish of me.