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How I talked @bemmel_ into letting me get two kittens I'll never understand. But we're officially obsessed sooo....introducing Kobe & Princess Diana 💞#kobethecat #princessdiana #littlenuggets
This morning at 3am I got woken up because some guy outside. When I looked out my window to see who it was I saw a stray cat(which we have three regular strays who live in the ally) but this baby was different so I started talking to him before he got spooked (bc of the annoying guy on the phone 🙄). He looked like a spitting image of my P.
It's been three weeks today since I lost my baby and I feel like this morning was his way of saying hi and letting me know he is watching over me 💞 #princepeanut #missingmyboy
Last night I had to say the hardest goodbye of my life. My other half, best friend, love of my life, my son ❤️ From the moment I saw you at the shelter I knew you were the one. We have had one hell of a ride little nugget from leaving our childhood home to moving down south and right back up to NY(bc we hated the south) When life threw us diabetes, broken hip bone, & cancer it never stopped you from being the most loving, loyal, food obsessed, crazy little baby. I will miss our snuggle sessions at night which always ended with you stealing my pillow or when some part of you had to be touching me to just fall asleep. God life without you will suck my prince but I know you are no longer in pain playing with all the cat nip. Say hi to Sassy and Munchkin for me bubs. Rest in the sweetest peace my sweet angle baby 💞 #princepeanut #lovemyson
It's been 16 years and i can still remember every second of that day. Today we remember all of the innocent lives lost and the brave individuals who risked their lives to help save others❤️ #neverforget #ilovethiscity
tonight was bath night in our house, P wasn't really having it 💞💞 📸: @bemmel_ #princepeanut #mynugget #babyboy
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY OLD MAN 😘😂 thank you for being the most amazing dad to Peanut and letting me take snapchats of you with crazy filters 😝😊 I love you bubs ❤️ #29neverlookedsofine #happybirthday #lovethiskid
kayoats 11w ago
it's been a stressful weekend but we are officially moved into our first apartment together 🥂🎉 📷:@yes.cruz #lovethiskid #astorialife
kayoats 11w ago
happy birthday to one of the most creative, strong selfless, beautiful person I know 💞 I hope you have the best birthday because you deserve it, I love you 😘 #happybirthday #leoseason #birthdaygirl
kayoats 13w ago
just had another visit with the vet today, P has had a broken hip bone for the last month. Which could be a cause of his diabetes or the cancer. We would of never known though as he has been acting and walking normal. It amazes me everyday how strong my little nugget is no matter what is thrown his way. Momma loves you so much 💕💕 #princepeanut #mommasboy #crazycatlady #fuckcancer
kayoats 14w ago
note for next year don't go to LIC to watch fireworks. But the boomerangs were on point #happyfourthofjuly🇺🇸 #nyc
kayoats 17w ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DIME PIECE OF A ROOMIE/FRIEND 😘 🔥 hope you like the surprise I left at home lol love ya 💕
kayoats 19w ago
it's been a long 24 hours of hospital and vet visits for this guy who is finally eating and moving his leg a little bit. We still have a long road ahead of us but I'll take seeing him eating and walking as a win 💕💕💕 #princepeanut #lovebug #proudmom #cancersucks