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  • I like the way you think💡😉👌

  • beer is always on my mind 🍻🍻🍻🍻😏😏☺☺☺ @rob_zillah

  • Your mind consists of pure glory!💁🍺🍺🍺haha if beers not on my mind it's going down me tummy😊🍻

  • straight up you can never ✋ have too much 🍺in your tummy , great minds think alike 😁👌 @rob_zillah

  • I know right? Ima definitely have to take your idea and buy a few coldies😊so what are plans tonight anyway? You working?

  • hahah must be nice 👌😏 sure it's happy hour somewhere 🍺 no i worked this afternoon actually, how about 👆 @rob_zillah

  • Yeah I worked earlier too. I'm actually running on like 2 hours of sleep from last night cuz I had work this morning😁but I wanna do something tonight cuz its friday and work was hot! You hitting up any bars tonight?

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In honor of game1️⃣ lets go dodgers, round 1️⃣ of play offs, thanks again for another beautiful season dodgers and thanks for every one I dragged with me to watch a beautiful team win 😊 #dodgers #la #gonzo #baseball #8games#playoffs #wegoingtotheship #hatersgonnahate #itfdb #blue #scully #1 💙⚾️
Still getting the chills hearing the stories on the radio, it’s crazy to think Veronica and I were suppose to be going but we ended up not going, prayers and love goes to every single individual who was impacted by this. #prayforvegas
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Forgot to tell you, gotta tell you how much I vibe with you and we don't gotta be solo 💙
Last minute Tim and Faith, hands down such an amazing concert, it's amazing to see such genuine love between two people! 💙
I wanna be 53 and look this good 🙌🏽💙😉
Happy birthday to the light of our family, thank you for all the countless unselfish things you do for us, thanks for clean uniforms, making my cucumbers, and constant laughs, I love yous, always putting your family first, blessed to have you as my mom and best friend! Here's to another beautiful year love you 💙