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This. When we're rooted in self-love and self-compassion, taking the time to cultivate a nurturing inner parent who loves and holds the "ugly" or hurt parts of us, we find what we need within rather than without. We can still hold desire, we can still get that ping of excitement when we meet someone new or plot a new direction in life, we can still follow the future-focused rabbit hole of the mind ... but we catch these thoughts, we slow down, we breathe, and we disentangle from the fantasy. When we have a nurturing home in ourselves (which for me, took a good few years to cultivate--when you have 30 years of training in the opposite direction, there's a lot to undo), we can desire without gripping so hard. We can enjoy what comes to us, put in work for what feels aligned, and let go when it isn't. #faith #surrender #manifestation #lettinggo #selflove #selfcompassion #adyashanti #alignment #addiction #innerchild #innerparent #tantra #home #meditation #transmutation
I used to think morning had to be productive to be "good." Bound out of bed, exercise, caffeinate, push, slog, work. But that's someone else's version of productivity.
These days I wake up slow and sensual. I often go from bed to bath in one slither. I'm a person who derives so much pleasure from touch, and the womb-like full-body snuggle of warm, rippling water gives me the support I need, first thing. It's a time to remember my dreams, read, light a candle for my daily intentions, and let muscle tension drip off my bones. It supports this notion of productivity, allowing me to enter my day with clarity and focus, feeling nourished.
How can you start your day with self-love and deep pleasure? #bath #pleasure #sensual #visceral #selflove #selfcare #productivity #coach #sacred #sacredproductivity #nourishment
New article on #sensuality is posted on my blog. Inspiration literally came from how damn soft this bodysuit is. In it you'll learn how to become comfortable asking for what you want during sex--a hard one for us women who have been conditioned that good girls don't ask for more. Link in my bio! #sacredsex #sacredsexuality #conscioussexuality #tantra #receiving #asking
Yesterday I went to the Sanitas trail for a medicine walk.
A medicine walk is a soul quest. You hold a question in your heart. You mark a threshold, a spot where you will enter dreamtime. In this "dreamtime," everything you come across is a symbol meant to answer your question. The animals, the plants, even discarded trash, as you'll see in a moment.
I entered my medicine walk with the question: "How do I let go of control, and trust that god will provide for me?" Much of my internal work lately has been around money. Shedding limiting beliefs, shedding stories from my parents and ancestors of "I can't afford that" or "there's not enough." Recognizing the value of my work, and pondering how I can be of service to others: a vessel for god, if you will. How I can be in flow. (I use the word god to mean an energy or flow that we can all access, an internal compass, a primordial flow, a sync with nature. We are all expressions of the One, of the infinite divine seeking to experience itself.) The first thing I found was this penny. It was tails up. I never pick up pennies; I remember throwing them away when cleaning my room with my grandmother at age 6.
Oh, shit, she was pissed. "You don't throw away money," she said (er, hissed). And she's right, to some extent. I've thrown away a lot of pennies in my life, and when you put all those pennies together ... they truly are worth something.
But I picked up this penny instinctively (probably for the first time in my life), put it in my pocket.
Next I found an empty conditioner bottle. God, so on the nose. Empty yourself of conditioning, of false beliefs, of the ideas that there is lack. Let go of beliefs that have never, ever proved to be real for you. Has there ever been a time when I didn't have enough? When I didn't have the wealth of my health and loved ones to lean on? Or, at the very least, a credit card and a loan to save my ass? I have always been supported. I have always found a way. My fear around lack of money cannot be supported by any real experience.
Later, at lunch, I pulled the penny out of my pocket, finally flipping it to the heads side.
1981 (the year I was born). In God We Trust.
"Oh, there's an animal skull," says Codi as he prances past it two minutes into our first Colorado hike, and does not pick it up or care, like a friggin crazy person. Don't worry, I rescued it and it's in my fanny pack. #skull #animalskull #gothhikes
Is Arf Scarf already a brand? How about Arf Scarf Bagarsh?
Endless uses for these pants.
Life is all about balancing spiritual musings with biggie leggings #notorious
Collecting cicada wings. (I only take them from the dead, I swear) #cicadas #wings #bugs
The highly artistic and very important "strange squatty animal" series. #yoga #stretch #predance #dance #squat #sitlikealady
I've been exploring Bali for 3 hours and it is absolute heaven. My heart is exploding, expanding, dancing, twirling, skipping, softening, leaking little wet happy tears. People are beyond welcoming, the arts district is a wet dream. This stone is the mantra, the prayer: it captures all the feels. Everyone move here with me, okay? #Bali #ego #ubud #artdistrict #actfromtheheart
This otherworldly life
comes in waves of magic & waterfalls of sweetness
Let it all in
Let it all go
and let it come again
Reverence. So drawn to these carvings that remind me of the Great Mother, of the prayer of being alive, of our kinship with nature. #prayer #greatmother #divinefeminine #worship #earth #treespirit
The Seven of Cups, reversed: You begin to focus on one desire or goal. Something comes into focus in your mind; the best direction, the most significant choice, becomes clear.
I drew this card upright many times over the past year, and it mirrored my scattered choices, my endless options, my lack of preference & discipline. The pull toward all things distracting & shiny. And I needed it: the chaos, the darkness, the overflowing love, the light. I needed the experience of duality to move toward the grey.
Today, in the sweet presence of my contentment, ease, love, and whittled soul desire and purpose, the card draws reversed. I am open. I am ready. I am focused. I am grounded. I am soft. Filled with love and gliding forward, toward Oneness, toward my Self.