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Happy Birthday Dj Franzen @frandalaybay

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“I’m having the time of my life and we haven’t even started playing yet” #wild
October 13th w/ my favorites 🎃💜
how i walk into every room 💃🏽
Started my Disney Coffee Mug Collection ❤️ #toystory
One of our brokers from the strip just stopped by to gift me this! This guy has no idea who I am too, haha. So sweet❤️
Would this post be an example of, foreshadowing? 🤔😍
Our official last pic together before Liam makes his arrival 😭 We are excited!!! ❤️👶🏽 #mylittlemeatballs
Can you just tell how much fun Diana is having? Hahahaha #newlevel
LIB 👐🏽 - probably two of the best nights I have ever had. Especially last night. Surrounded with friends and family and just literally livinggggg. Life is most certainly beautiful ❤️ #wiz #somethingnew
Can we please all acknowledge Diana rn 😭😂💀❤️ #LIB
There's 107 days until 2017 is over. Anyone else who wants to waste my fucking time? Hurry.. your time is running out ⏱⏳⏰⏲ #stillloveyoutho hahahaha