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  Posted: Jun 1, 2012 5:42 PM FEED
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Amen. Say what? You think Niall is ugly and do t like him as much? Stupid hoe I'll give you 5 seconds to run. Don't forget I was the 3 fastest in my grade.
  • Omg I hate people like that ... Ughhh directionators

  • Niall is my favorite. 💘

  • @_imalikyouhaz_ haha that's funny


  • I was looking at a One Direction magazine and I saw a pic of Niall and this stupid 7th grade girl came up an said "that Neil guy is ugly" and I screamed bitch u better run. He is beautiful and I got in trouble cause we were in the library... And I cussed.. :p oh well it was worth it

  • @catherinedemick if ur a directioner ur not supposed to have a fav

  • U love all equally

  • Hahaha I love this hahah I love Niall

  • Idk how someone couldn't like him! What's wrong with people these days?

  • Someone Needs A Slap In The Face.

  • Thanks ;) @_imalikyouhaz_ I totally agree ^^ @iheartmuzic

  • @niallniallernandos I love all of them. I just, I guess, support you could say, Niall the most because of all the hate.

  • he's attractive. very very attractive. sooo I like this picture, a lot, lmao.

  • If Niall is your least favorite One Direction member, and don't love him as much as the other boys..... Step One- Grab a shovel. Step two- dig a hug ditch. Step three- throw yourself into it. Step Four- Have someone get the shovel an cover the ditch COMPLETELY. There! Have fun!

  • Plus, Niall is Liam's, Lou's, Harry's, and Zayn's favorite member of One Direction BTW haters.

  • I loved him from the beggining( :

  • hell yes⬆⬆

  • Don't think I could ever love anyone as much as I love Niall

  • Amen sister @we_love_one_direction I'll help you 👏👏👏

  • Amen. 🙏

  • I hate people who say that I'm like "don't blame me if you see I mob of girls outside your house screaming with spoons and carrots!!!"

  • @catherinedemick sooo ur saying u only like him because of the hate well that's wrong I LOVE HIM MORE THAN THE HATE MORE THAN THE LOOKS he is perfection and he has a amazayn personality

  • 👣💋💢❤💔💃👄🐷🐙🌹🌺🍁☎📮♥♦👠🍣🍎🍅🍉🍓🇨🇳🚗🚒🈵㊙㊗💄🎯🅰🅱🆎🅾🔴
    😱😨☔🌀🌊🐠🐟🐳🐬👕👔🏊🏄💺📫💻➿🚄🚅🌃🚙🎡🏧🗻🚭🅿🚹♿🚇🚾1⃣1⃣2⃣3⃣💦💤💙💨👼👫🎵👿💜🌸🐙👾🍆💒🇬🇧🏩🏨💒💓💗💘🙆🙅💁💅💋👄🌺🌸🐷🐭🍉🍓🍧🎀👙🌂everybody loves rainbows

  • @niallniallernandos No, I'm not actually. I like him in general. And I agree with you. He is a strong man, & I adore him for that.


  • Today this "female dog" was all like "I hate Niall he's ugly and I hate him" I'm like "well if u call that ugly then I wanna be ugly too!!! Now go jump off a cliff" LOLOL

  • That also depends on where I the world you are. I know Philly loves him. That's all that matters. Damn, directionators. -________-

  • This

  • @catherinedemick ok.. Im srry I just don't like when people hate on him!! I mean he hasn't done anything wrong and I cry everytime someone makes him feel bad

  • @niallsnandosfreak No worries. (: I absolutely hate it, too! It really doesn't make sense to me. What has he ever done to them? Nothing. He is an angel, and they are devils - jealous because they can never be that good.

  • @catherinedemick I swear that's what I say!!!!

  • Ahaha! It's true. Great minds think alike. (:

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