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  Posted: Jun 1, 2012 5:11 PM FEED
1 Nashville

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Bri has been in a hitting slump hitting but no power but this weekend each hit got better and better!! Her heart and hustle really has impressed me!! #texasdiamondsoftball
Long hot weekend and the Huber Ranch fields in Seguin, the Texas Diamonds placed 2nd after going undefeated in bracket play!! #texasdiamondssoftball #mynumber7 #2ndplacebling
After a struggle hitting Saturday he came through when needed!! #bellcountybombers #treyboy#3
Confidence building daily had a great two innings one two three sit down!! Here is one batter!! #texasdiamondsoftball #behumblesitdown
Excited to have this new reading club for the entire school!!! #SISReadswonder
Texas Diamonds Softball Boot Camp!! It's really intense but only making her stronger... #texasdiamondsoftball #texasdiamonds12u
Foggy warm up Diamonds went 2 wins and two ties!! Bracket play tomorrow!! Another beast performance on the mound!! #mynumber7 #texasdiamonds12u
These boys are so special to me!! And the dads too lol!! #bellcountybombers #curtdogandtreyboy
212 baby!! It's a bell county Bomber thing!!
2nd place in their first tournament!! Proud momma!! #bellcountybombers