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On this Monday I am ready to have the ladies and snow all winter long. Are you ready to be stupefyed? #ladygang
@giverjh has coozies that are hoop friendly!! Find these guys at the next local market or online. It's worth it. #handsfreeboozin #handsfreehoopin #coldsnack
When you're on your summer groove and fall starts in two weeks but you forgot to not work too much this season.
In today's rush we all think too much, seek too much, want too much and forget about the joy of just Being.

Eckhart Tolle

Ginger's first kayak trip was spent with her besties while making a couple of new friends. Now I just need to get better at paddling so we can go to new places. #stringlake #kayakingwithpups @thegreatoutdogs
Ginger and I had some kombucha issues this last batch... a #fruitflyinfestation. T'was a bummer and a gross problem to see right as I was about to scoop a cup out to drink. So before the fruit flies could nest anymore I did some searching and found that you can save the current batch if it's not too late! Bad news, mine was ruined and had to be tossed. But with fresh sweetened tea, the top layer separated from the SCOBY (the only layer that had become nested), the entire shroom was rinsed and checked out fine. So in she went to a clean jar and with a finer fiber to protect the top (DON'T USE CHEESE CLOTH). I'm excited to see if the next batch stays clean. It was made on the eclipse. #eclipsebucha #kombuchaprobs #homebrewedkombucha #scoby
We love life, knitting by lakes and the wailers. Oh, and food.
This is a sign that a great, fulfilling weekend lies ahead of us... starting Wednesday. #targhee
Just trying to feel small in a world that sometimes makes me feel like my smallest problems are bigger than the mountains we are surrounded by... but that's not real, it's made up. It all is. #getoutside
This is what we do when #sci is less than two weeks away!!!!! Feeling the excitement run deep in the veins and high in the mountains. @bakedbrecheese #redrocks #comebacktojackson #orillseeyousoonincolorado
When I awoke, the Dire Wolf, six hundred pounds of sin,
Was grinning at my window, all I said was "Come on in".
Don't murder me, I beg of you, don't murder me. Please, don't murder me.

Got some urge to do a little wiggle or dance for joy. Mama's in town and friends are on the way, let's party until the man on the moon gets sleepy and then we will give him some coffee.
Did a little roaming with a little lady today #strut
This is one of our first few dates two summers ago. We have gone through a lot these two years, we've grown, we've shrunk and our hairstyles have changed more times than we've seen cheese together (that's a lot). I love this man and his weird mustache, his nappy ass hair, his heart and those hawt snowboarding skillz. There's not really a point to typing a long comment on how much I appreciate him because I tell him that everyday and that's what matters, not the insta likes. Anyways, just saying how proud I am of us. #gous #twoyears
We hung out far away from worries and avoided all owl puns. A night with zilch service, cold hot springs and wild turkeys was what fueled the following day. #thedeadlocks for free tonight and sleeping in on a mountain tomorrow morning.