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"Make some coffee, check the weather, do my best to keep it together." - seeing @tdwpband tonight for the 50th time.
The little things get me hype. Thank you @vectorspacehq for the new vinyl sign. She's looking GOOD. 👌🏻🔥
This past weekend we released our rebrand of @speakertreelyh and I couldn't be more stoked about how things are coming along. It's been a blast this past year learning the ins and outs of business first hand. There's only so much a degree can teach you. Getting your hands dirty and really working and getting after what is that you want in life is where the growth and learning really starts to take place. The support and encouragement through this first year has been a huge blessing. Thank you for supporting the tree and helping it grow (pun intended). Go check out the new Merch and join on on Friday at the shop 7-10 for a rebrand and relaunch party featuring live tunes and some vinyl spinning. 👌🏻👌🏻
Shoutout to @atgbrewery for putting the work into a good design. This beer caught my attention for obvious reasons and also delivered on the taste. 👌🏻
We've made it easy for you to support @speakertreelyh even if you aren't around. Any of my friends that collect vinyl send me what you're looking for by submitting the form on our website. 👌🏻 we appreciate your love and support from any corner across God's green earth. 👌🏻 LINK IN BIO
Sometimes you just need to let things burn.
There's so much that could be said about this. Pretty sure this completely encompasses the "Make America Great Again" campaign.
At the shop today. Let's get you some new records. 👌🏻
Carolina Reaper IPA from @apocalypsealeworks - they weren't kidding. This is no joke.
@beales_beer ribbon cutting! They are officially brewing on site in Bedford now! 👌🏻🍻🍺